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SKYKIDS (Play-area)

Skykids is a complimentary play-area for kids provided by Skygym Gymea.

Members have the ability to leave their child in a safe area to watch tv or play games while working out. The Skykids play area is unstaffed.


Our SKYKIDS facilities are structured so that your child/children look forward to coming with you to the club. We believe that if your child enjoys his/her time here, you will have a better, stress free workout. We have kept the SKYKIDS area at a basic play level so that parents have minimal preparation for their child/chidren while in our space.

  • We ask for your child/children to be fed and given a drink prior to entering the SKYKIDS area. No food or drink is allowed in the SKYKIDS area.

  • We would like for parents to be responsible for the entry and exit of their child/children, remembering that you must always remain on-site within our facility.

  • We will ask for you to take your child to the toilet before entering the SKYKIDS area to prevent any interruptions to your workout.

  • Children are not allowed to roam freely throughout the Gym. In the event your child is needing to use the toilet facilities, we need to interrupt your workout so you can chaperone your own child to and from the facilities. Note: Our team will not take your child to the bathroom.

  • As we are limited for space, we ask that all children's bags are either left in the car or kept with the parent.

  • Please inform the SKYGYM staff member of any health issues your child/children may have. If your child requires medication for an ongoing health condition, ie: asthma, allergies etc... then please ensure that you manage this personally. No medication is to be administered by any member of staff.

  • The play area is for children aged 1 - 12 years.

  • Parents must remain on the premises while their child/children are in the SKYKIDS area.

  • Parents will be called back to the SKYKIDS play area if:

    • In case of en emergency,

    • If your child is crying excessively & cannot be settled,

    • Any serious misbehaviour takes place,

    • Toilet duties (Under workplace safety, our team cannot change nappies),

    • If a SKYGYM staff member sees fit to do so.

Note: Children with colds (green mucus is a good indication), rashes, viruses (diarrhoea and/or vomiting in the previous 24 hours), fevers or head lice will not be accepted in the SKYKIDS area under any circumstances.



All enquiries & questions seeking clarification are very welcome.

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